11 June 2006

Instant AdSense Business On A Platter From Joel Comm

This is your opportunity to set up an empire of websites using the same strategies taught by Joel Comm in his best selling book, The Code.

Whether you're an experienced web professional looking to set up highly optimized websites for AdSense, or a beginner who has never built a single web page...

Joel Comm's Instant AdSense Templates are the solution!

As you may know, AdSense is Joel's specialty. His ebooks are the best-selling books on the topic and his traditionally published book, The AdSense Code, became an Amazon.com #1 best-seller!

There are dozens of "me-too" AdSense products on the market, but Joel
Comm is about to released the Ultimate Adsense Tool. To join Joel's Pre-Launch Group:

You have probably seen those crappy "AdSense Sites" circulating around the web. You know - those ones with poor design, poor optimization, and filled with articles that have links in them and author credits? They all get penalized for duplication so it is a no-win situation

The answer is on its way with Joel Comm's new Ultimate Adsense Tool. This new product is something people have been ASKING for, and Joel got tired of seeing folk get ripped off. It WILL be The Product of 2006, so make sure you reserve your place in the queue today.

To find out more:


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