04 January 2007

Adlink Boxes to Multiply Your Adsense Income

After its first year of operation Google did a lot of work to improve its service - when I logged on to the Adsense site at that time, the first thing I saw was a copy of the new Terms of Service (TOS). I read through it, and clicked to accept the new terms and conditions. On my account page I found two welcome sights: a new type of Advertisement format and, even better, a simpler payment method..

The new ‘Ad Links’ boxes are not just the usual contextual ads: they offer site-targeted topics for a visitor can click to see a list of related advertisements. This format gives access to dozens of advertisements rather than four or five in the standard unit, increasing your earning possibilities - an exciting and potentially beneficial development for all concerned. You may display one Ad Link box on a page.

The most positive and sensible change in the new terms was the facility to pay publishers in their local currency. This makes the lives of non-US Adsense publishers - like me - much simpler. Not only can you choose payment in Sterling, Euros, Indian Rupees, Turkish Lira or any of 43 local currencies, but you can also have the funds transferred electronically to your bank.

The changes Google has made to AdSense are positive, and the timing is interesting. The announcement coincided with Yahoo rolling out the next phase of its own contextual Ad service, Yahoo publisher. Healthy competition is always a good thing, and perhaps Yahoo's new service may even spur Google into providing the much-needed improved ad tracking facilities for publishers...

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