28 January 2007

Adsense Secrets Third Edition

Adsense Secrets Third Edition is now available at a special sale price of just $19.95. Normally retailing for $97, that is a steal - but is it worth buying?

We have reviewed Adsense Secrets. This eBook covers the basics for any newbie Adsense publisher, answering the 'getting started' questions comprehensively. You will learn how to build a site or blog, how to get a domain name or blogger account, and how to begin search engine optimization and link building. Next Joel explains how you open your Adsense Account and the policies you need to follow.

Then you will start to learn the secrets that can explode your AdSense income - how to use ad formats, which formats are winners and which to avoid: co-ordinating your ads with your page designs: where to place the ads for maximum response: attracting the right ads to your site: tracking your advertising data and learning from it. That is just a snippet of the information contained in Adsense Secrets. It is clearly written and every process explained in detail. When you download your copy you will see why I recommend Adsense Secrets wholeheartedly

If you want to make a success of Google Adsense you really need this book. At that price I doubt it will be available for long!

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