24 February 2007

Killer AdWords Secrets

You can get the skinny on Google adwords with a new eBook, co-authored by an experienced Google insider. The ebook, '37 Killer AdWords Pay-Per-Click Secrets Exposed' offers all the insider secrets to make your Adwords campaign pay back big time. The book explains that even the smallest, least experienced Adwords advertiser has the capacity to create winning Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns. The book will show you how to do it step by step, by using proven words, formats and adwords structures. All the secrets revealed in this book have been thoroughly tested and proved, including Clickthrough Rate. While some companies struggle to make a living in today's cut throat online business environment, many are doing better than ever. How can this be? Because they have mastered these proven but little-known strategies of making Google AdWords Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising actually work for the benefit of you, the advertiser. That's the opinion of Roger Hall, an independent copywriter and author of the just published book co-written with a former Google insider, 'Top 37 Killer AdWords Pay-Per-Click Secrets Exposed'.

The author has also produced a free booklet, containing five out of the 37 Secrets, to get you started and get you ready for all the secrets in the complete ebook. Topics in the free booklet include: how to write successful Google Pay Per Click ads, killer headlines for Pay-Per-Click ads, specific text to place in your ads to attract clicks, and how to use ad 'split-testing'. One very important chapter reveals why you should never let Google choose your winning ad when split-testing. There are other hints: for example how even little things, such as punctuation and capitalization, can lead to a huge boost in online response. This excellent ebook can change your advertising campaign success rate for the better, forever. FREE - Download 5 Chapters from eBook Now

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