30 March 2007

Backup your life

Horror stories of lost data are in the news every day. For example, the hospital that relied on backup tapes for records of its payroll and medical information - until the backup tapes went missing. Relying in such a crude backup mechanism when sophisticated online versions area available is ill-advised. The effects of a loss can be catastrophic, if you imagine what could happen if your backup tape fell into the wrong hands.
The alternative, Online data backup, secure and reliable, is so simple and secure, with your data encrypted so you can rest assured that it will not fall into unauthorized hands. The files are encrypted even before you transmit them so security is assured while it is transmitted online to the Data Deposit Box backup servers. There it is stored in the form of a set of numbered files containing your encrypted data. You are the only authorised holder of the encryption key,

With a such as Data Deposit Box, companies can feel secure that all data is encrypted and secure - so there is no risk of your private documents falling into the wrong hands. Each file is 448 bit encrypted (your online banking only uses 128 bit) before it leaves your PC. It travels the Internet this way and is then stored on as a bunch of numbered files containing encrypted data. Your encryption key is unique to you. Only you have the ability to access your data. There is no limit to the data you can store at Data Deposit Box and the charges are manageable - just $2 per gigabyte of storage that you use.

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