16 July 2007


Would you like to control the news that you see and avoid the depressing stuff that churns out day after day? Then here is the place for you. Thoof is a new website that contains interesting news nominated by the members of the site. They also have links to good websites and blogs, videos, and other links. When you join you can start to receive your own personalized news
for your individual tastes. Just click on the stories that interest you, and let their sophisticated selection software do the rest. If you don't like the way a story is described on Thoof, just click improve and propose a change to it. When I signed up the first news story on the front page was about how we should all drink more water. Strange really because I had just woken up thirsty. Of course I was told to drink more water when I was young, but I forget to do it. This story explained why we should be spending time to drink water. Here you go - why drinking water is good for you. Of course you can Get Healthy Skin and Flush Toxins. But did you know you can Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack and Cushion And Lubricate Your Joints And Muscles, just by drinking more water? It also helps keep your brain alert: I had better drink extra, then.



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