05 February 2007

Higher Adsense Earnings From Your Visitors

Most webmasters and bloggers are concerned with number of visitors and page views, but they rarely drill down to a key statistic: page views per visitor. Are your visitors clicking through your site and failing to stick around? Do they have any incentive to stay and admire the surroundings, reading a few pages of your great copy? When you persuade a visitor to look at two pages or more, you have doubled your page views per visit. The more pages viewed and the more ads they show, the more you will earn.
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At 5:18 pm, Blogger choice said...

Hi. Very interesting blog. I read the full article. Have some questions:

1. What is "Write Lists"? It is mentioned as an important part of adsense but what exactly does "write lists" mean?

2. I noticed you have some bookmark icons at the end of your post. Can you tell me how I can get these kind of icons?

Once again great site. Will visit again.


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