07 December 2006

Linking strategy for Adsense Sites

Getting listed on the major search engines and directories is just the beginning of your SEO work. You also need continual inbound links to your site. The debate is between quality and quantity of links. If your site is in a niche where you can find related websites that are happy to exchange links, go ahead. If the process is slow, then you can check out the various linking directories available. Link popularity is a huge topic, there are just two things to watch out for - never exchange links with a site whose page ranking is 'grey' (this shows in your toolbar), do not exchange with adult sites unless you are in that market, and look for sites in the same niche as yours. Quality is generally more important than quantity to the major search engines when you are aiming to increase link popularity.



At 10:31 pm, Blogger IMAutoPilot said...

Some excellent points. Article marketing is another good approach. For those that don't have a lot of time on their hands, we do everything - write articles with links to the client's site, submit them to article directories and then post them to a blog all with text links pointing back to their site. Works out real well.


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