26 February 2007

Small Business Marketing

A British company has created movie brochures which can be used as an innovative marketing tool for clients, who use them on their websites and blogs. The extra edge to this tool is that you can also offer the technology as an iPod download, giving potential customers the option to show their friends and family members the product or service when they are out and about. Many clients have been so pleased with this movie brochure that they have uploaded it to tap into the growing YouTube and MySpace social networking sites, where metatag technology enables relevant video searching.

If you have created a beautiful product that you want to bring to life, a movie brochure is the perfect way to spread your marketing message. Movie brochures have already been created for golf courses, restaurants, antique dealers and even an autobiography service. Most small companies want to be able to use of the same marketing techniques major brands employ, even though they are on a very restricted marketing budget. Although TV and other traditional broadcast media are likely to be prohibitively expensive, once you have your movie brochure you can use the new online marketing possibilities to your advantage. The makers of movie brochures are offering a bonus for small business owners. You can see examples of movie brochures , AND receive a free search engine ranking report that shows exactly where you currently appear in Google and Yahoo! search results by applying online.

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