18 May 2007

When to use Adsense Adlink Units

Adsense link units have been around for just a couple of years and they are really small, you could easily miss them on a web page - unless they include a word that meets your needs as a reader. When you place Adlink units on your page you get four or five links. The size of the unit is 200 x 90 or smaller. Using conventional Adsense units you would get no more than one link in the same space. But nless your web page has high-paying keywords, it is probably best to use the conventional Adsense ad units first. You can include a link unit if there is space to do do sensible. Why do I say this? The reader sees only one or two words in each Adlink ad, so unless they are tightly targetted to the copy on the page they are less likely to attract a click.
Remember you can include three ad units, two AdSense for search boxes, one link unit plus one referral button per product (one AdSense referral button, one Firefox plus Google Toolbar plus one Adwords referral button).


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