28 October 2007

Over the border

The Scottish city of Edinburgh has more historic buildings than any single individual could visit in one trip, maybe that is why so many people love the place so much they do not want to leave. Accommodation in Edinburgh can be hard to find as the place attracts visitors from all over the world and it is a favoured weekend haunt for many Brits as well. Last week Edinburgh was also voted in first place in a survey to decide on the best place to live in the UK. It came out top for quality of life, culture and green credentials.

When the city is extra busy due to a big event like the Edinburgh Festival in August, it can be hard to track down Cheap Hotels in Edinburgh but if you check them out online, well in advance, it may still be possible to find a good hotel that will fit your budget.

Hotels in Edinburgh range from the five star luxury hostelries right through to budget stopovers that appeal to the thousands of students and backpackers who visit the town every year in all seasons. The next big event is the Hogmanay street party, so start looking now if you would like to be there.



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