26 September 2007

Online spells

A friend has got a fabulous little shop selling spiritual items, spells and talismans. The stock is great but he needs more customers! I asked him why he was not selling his goods online and he told me he could not afford to set up an online shop. Well there is a software package that he can install as a complete turnkey solution to his needs - no programmer required! He will be able to manage the whole business via this one complete ecommerce software package.

This store building software is so easy to use that it gives a sole trader the chance to put up a shop that gives just the same professional appearance as any of the big stores, and show his stock in the best possible light. All this is available with no upfront outlay - he just has to pay a low monthly fee. Plus there is a one month free trial to see how useful he finds it. Another thing the software allows him to do is accept credit cards from all his customers, and this increases the size of the order - most of us spend more when we are paying by credit card.



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