06 September 2007


Teak is the ultimate timber for use outdoors. It is strong, durable and resistant to all weathers, making teak furniture a really popular and trendy choice. And, most importantly, it looks good. Even when it ages, the wood gains a rich patina as long as you apply the occasional drop of teak oil to your furniture. Prices of teak patio furniture have plummeted in the past several years, making it much more affordable and giving all of us the chance to include classy outdoor furniture in our gardens. Because teak is a hardwood it is perfect for use as garden furniture. It is a very strong wood with a high proportion of natural oils, giving a smooth sleek appearance to any teak patio furniture with no unsightly knots and a lifetime of around 25 years with proper care. The designs available are quite opulent and generously proportioned, unlike the mean folding garden furniture that many of us had to put up with over the years. Now you and your family can dine outdoors in the same luxury as you do indoors.



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