28 August 2007

England hotels

If you are planning to visit England soon, I recommend it highly. Not just because I was born in London, but it really is now the epitome of 'Cool Britannia'. England is not a cheap country to visit but you can defray your accommodation costs by searching at Cheaperthanhotels.com. Their rates for top quality Hotels in London are cheaper than the hotel's public rate, and often much lower than you would pay for a hostel or for self catering. And a hotel is just a nicer place to stay - London has hundreds of great hotels close to all the attractions, I would recommend staying in Bloomsbury, which is handy for the British Museum, Covent Garden and the Houses of Parliament.

Do not forget that England consists of more than London alone. The cities of Birmingham and Manchester also demand some attention! Manchester went through a renaissance in the 1980s thanks to the rise of local bands to world class fame and it is a centre of innovation in all the creative arts. The most fashionable of the Hotels in Manchester, the Lowry, is situated on the banks of the River Irwell in the recently-developed Chapel Wharf area. This contemporary design with its dramatic, curved, glass-fronted fa├žade is a great base for seeing the city and surrounding moorland.

The best area forHotels in Birmingham is, in my view, the Canal area - close to the conference centre, pubs, clubs and bars. The Campanile is located right on the canalside fro a tranquil setting less than 1km form the city centre.


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