02 August 2007


Any front end retail business needs proper equipment to take the money and keep track of its stock if it is to stay in business. I have even seen market stalls that employ card swipers and scanners to take card payments. How do small businesses like that manage to stump up the money to invest in point of sale gear? The answer is that they can buy used pos equipment
that has become available when a big retailer has decided to replace its system. Often the discarded systems can be as little as two or three years old and they are refurbished and cleared before being released for sale. The cost difference is huge and the buyer can get the stuff for half the cost of buying new. It makes sense because you can get quality brands, like ibm pos equipment, at second hand prices. It is well worth having POS systems for all the benefits of reduced paperwork, better security and stock tracking, and used versions put this equipment in the reach of every small business.



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