02 August 2007


Today I was reading about a product that is new to my understanding but apparently has a long history as a trusted natural remedy. It is called Mesosilver, and it is the purest and most effective form of true colloidal silver. Mesosilver is actually a version of pure silver in colloidal form, that means minute particles of silver are suspended in a solution making it usable by the human body. I was aware that our bodies need minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium to function well and resist disease but I have never seen silver listed in this way. to its optimum. Colloid means silver particles, not silver irons. Pure colloidal silver is acknowledged as a detox remedy that can also cure hundreds of ailments and diseases. Mesosilver colloidal silver contains only pure water and pure silver, is a tasteless liquid and does not require refrigeration after opening. I think this is a natural cure worth considering.



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