22 August 2007

Watch your eyes

I only realised when I moved home recently that almost everything you need to furnish the place can now be bought online. One prime example is lighting - it is quite easy to choose the lamps you like when the site has good photographs, and you also need to know the dimensions. For a ceiling light the online shop should tell you how low it hangs from the ceiling downwards. That is especially important if you are looking at ceiling fans, or you could decapitate someone.

When you start browsing through the online catalogue you will also see lights and lamps that you had not even thought of. Most living rooms look better with one or two floor lamps to give a more subtle lighting effect than one central fitting. If you work at home on a computer then you will probably find desk lamps are helpful to avoid eye strain. In the evenings, the light from your screen is not enough and you could strain your eyes without the right lighting.

Another favourite for me is to have plenty of table lamps arranged around the rooms, to give extra light for reading or doing puzzles while sitting on the sofa. When you buy online you can compare prices much more easily and the items are delivered to your door withing seven days.



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