23 September 2007

Adsense income

Your Adsense blog can get access to a lucrative alternate source of income thanks to a fairly new service from Smorty. This company acts as a link between bloggers and advertisers who are willing to pay for sponsored blog reviews. At Smorty you register a blog - one per account - and you will receive email alerts when there is a new paid campaign for which your blog is eligible. Then you have the chance to log in to the site, claim the opportunity and you then have three days to write and publish the blog advertising post on your blog. Your post will then show as pending approval, and is normally approved within a few days. The company pays out via Paypal at the end of each month. The amount you get paid for blogging for each sponsored post varies from $6 upwards. If you want to start blogging for money, you can submit your blog today and you normally get a decision withing 24 hours, after that you can look out for blog advertising opportunities.



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