09 November 2007

Care later

One of the biggest worries any of us has as we get older is whether we have to go into residential care, and how we would be looked after when we are there. The number of scandals over the standards of care mean that we need a reliable source of advice to put our minds at rest. There is a new website offering exactly that help for anyone who needs to know about care homes in the UK: it is called Bettercaring and it is dedicated to answering important questions about finding reliable care in later life. They have details of every single registered UK care home available at the click of your mouse, to see which ones could be suitable for you or your loved one. And the site goes further than that - with updated news every day on issues affecting older people, stories on current caring issues and tips for healthy living. It is also interactive, with a message board and letters page where you can get involved and find other like minded people.



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