21 May 2007

Your Adsense Site Must be Unlike the Rest

If you are using one of the many Adsense ready sites on the market, you may be the unwitting owner of a cloned site. The drawbacks of these low quality sites are numerous:
- search engines work out that the web pages contain duplicate content, as a result the site could drop out of Google's index and be unreachable by search engine traffic.
- the originator may have left links to their own sites or - worse still - their own affiliate programs in the HTML, hoping you will not spot it. Then all your hard work in promoting your site will be helping someone else make money!
- your content may not be optimized for the right keywords to attract high paying adsense ads
If you want a ready-made site or a reliable handbook to set up an Adsense site, do not despair. There are quality tools and techniques available and it is best to stick with the reputable suppliers. Joel Comm wrote the best-selling 'Adsense Secrets' and is about to release the next set of adsense templates designed to help you succeed, I highly recommend both his products.
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