18 April 2007

Optimize to Mazimize Adsense Revenue

Google has released a number of videos about the way Google works. One of the videos explains updates of the index - did you know Google updates parts of its index every day? That means that there is always an update going on. I have been trying to get some new pages indexed for nearly a week so I hope they crawl in my direction soon.

I found one of the videos extremely helpful for optimizing my sites.

Google has updated its webmaster tools area and Matt explains this in one of the videos. It is now a one stop shop where you can check which of your pages are indexed, whether the Googlebot had any trouble crawling your pages and get your google site map checked. Mostly it was very helpful although it does not explain all the sitemap errors so you can spend some time tracking them down. Just the thing for a geeky afternoon ..

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