14 April 2007

Subprime Advice

If you are living in the United States the phrase subprime mortgage may make you shiver. Millions of aspiring home owners have taken out these deals, which enabled families to buy homes, often with no deposit. At the time this was a dream come true for families who wanted to own a home of their own, but had no savings to back them up. In 2006 these subprime mortgages mad up one fifth of all new borrowings in the United States. But for millions the dream has turned sour after the fixed interest period expired and the repayments were too high. If you are one of the victims of the subprime crisis you can get help around your problems from a free online consumer portal Bills.com. There are plenty of solutions and independent advice to help you get re-established so make sure you check out Bills.com before you do anything else.



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