05 April 2007

Sell Your Car and Help Children

Autocity101.com has been promoted as an attractive Free Used Car Classifieds alternative marketplace for anyone wanting to buy or sell a used vehicle. The founders, Christian and Stephanie Sanchez, have built the site mainly to provide income to fund their charitable work. They are planning to open an orphanage in Mexico next year for the street children of the city and anybody using their website, Autocity101, will be helping to fund this work. The website is live now, and you can list your vehicle now for free. If you are looking to buy a car this is the first place to stop by. What makes this site different is another aspect - dealers may also list vehicles free of charge, so the range of cars available is going to be huge. The beneficiary of Autocity101.com will be Natalia's House, an orphanage to be developed on which Christian and Stefanie plan to break ground in 2007. The primary mission of Natalia's House is to provide the orphaned, destitute, outcast, unloved, sick, handicapped and/or dying children with a home filled with love, happiness, medical care and safety. The Goal is for seventy percent of all proceeds generated through AutoCity101.com to be distributed directly to the formation of Natalia's House in 2007, and to the continuation of fostering the efforts of the proposed orphanage in the future.
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