11 June 2006

Instant AdSense Business On A Platter From Joel Comm

This is your opportunity to set up an empire of websites using the same strategies taught by Joel Comm in his best selling book, The Code.

Whether you're an experienced web professional looking to set up highly optimized websites for AdSense, or a beginner who has never built a single web page...

Joel Comm's Instant AdSense Templates are the solution!

As you may know, AdSense is Joel's specialty. His ebooks are the best-selling books on the topic and his traditionally published book, The AdSense Code, became an Amazon.com #1 best-seller!

There are dozens of "me-too" AdSense products on the market, but Joel
Comm is about to released the Ultimate Adsense Tool. To join Joel's Pre-Launch Group:

You have probably seen those crappy "AdSense Sites" circulating around the web. You know - those ones with poor design, poor optimization, and filled with articles that have links in them and author credits? They all get penalized for duplication so it is a no-win situation

The answer is on its way with Joel Comm's new Ultimate Adsense Tool. This new product is something people have been ASKING for, and Joel got tired of seeing folk get ripped off. It WILL be The Product of 2006, so make sure you reserve your place in the queue today.

To find out more:
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03 June 2006

Podcasting to Make Money Online

Discover How You Can Start Making Profits From The Boom. Easy and Fast to Set Up for Any Website

Podcasting is a way of distributing files, for example or audio broadcasts, using or syndication across the These can then be played at any time on a computer or mobile device. The term like radio, can mean both the content and the method of delivery. Podcasting has become a massively popular way of listening to downloaded tracks on the move, and it is rare to see anyone under the age of 40 walking without an earpiece playing favourite music on an to help the journey along.

The opportunity for webmasters is to offer direct download or streaming of their files; a podcast is distinguished by its ability to be downloaded automatically using software that reads RSS or

Usually a podcast features one type of show, with new episodes released either sporadically or at planned intervals. Here in the UK it became clear that Podcasting had reached critical mass when Radio started offering podcasts of its most popular programmes. Website owners need to learn about the potential of this new medium, or risk being left behind.

entrepreneurs who are on the look out for the next opportunity have found their target in this new trend. Podcasting opens up opportunities for any webmaster or blogger to make these look easy:

* Create information products without writing one word

* Make regular podcasts to a membership group or optin list

* Store podcasts on the web for visitors to hear at any time

Podcasting is like making a radio broadcast to the world, and it is about to become a key element in website content. The good news is that podcasting is not surrounded by complex technology or rules and regulations. There is no licence required, unlike radio broadcasting. Podcasting requires no expensive equipment – a simple microphone is enough. Even a home based business can start podcasting, recording their contributions and oploading an MP3 file to the server in the same way as any other web content. Finally, the software can be obtained for free.

Adrienne Davis has a tell-all guide to podcasting, showing how to profit from podcasts. "Podcasting Made Easy" is ready for you right now (by instant download).

For help with starting a business online, get the free Internet Business Tips ezine at http://adsense.brilliant4biz.com

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