27 September 2006

Avoid Getting Your Adsense Account Terminated

What to do when your AdSense account is disabled. There are many reports of AdSense publishers being banned by AdSense and not given the cause of the suspension. They are also not given only limited chances for appeal. This post is about the experience of others who have their account suspended. Once your account is suspended, the the chances of it being reactivated again are very slim, but not zero. Here are a few links to sites that detailed the experiences of those who got their account back, and how they did it. Hope it helps you.

"How to Bring Google AdSense Down" Or "You are Guilty but We will not Tell You Why" and "How to Resurrect Your Google AdSense Account" A first hand account of someone who had his account suspended, and how he had to appeal twice to get it back.
Geek Talk Forum. A thread where there was one very good reply from a poster Larwee where he detailed what why the situation is like this and what a publisher should try to do to get his account back.
What to Do if Google Wrongly Bans You from AdSense A personal account of how Paul Middleton got banned and how he got his account back.
15 Common Mistakes by Google AdSense Publishers that Violate Terms of Service A good list of thing to avoid or to do to stay in good standing with Google AdSense.

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24 September 2006

Make Most Income from Adsense Clicks - Ad Placement Tips

You will read a lot about attracting high paying keywords – and the ads to go with them – to your Adsense site. That is a clever and often complex technique. Here is an article explaining some simple steps you can take today to stop the low paying ads appearing on your site and improve the ratio of high paying ads that you receive..
'I tried using the Competitive Ad Filter feature of Google Adsense and my earnings per day tripled overnight! I still get the same number of clicks, but the amount I get per click increased 3x! Read how to do it here
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