04 January 2007

Avoiding Low Paying Adsense Clicks

One of the biggest challenges for Webmasters and Bloggers publishing Adsense ads is how to avoid low paying ads. It is hard enough designing the page and placing the ads in optimum positions within the terms of service. Then when you see the Adsense reports, you will often find that the clicks paid as little as $0.03 each. Google offers a competitive ad filter where you can enter up to 200 domain names to avoid, but checking up on the low paying 'Made For Adsense' sites can be time-consuming. There is some good news on the horizon for publishers, since Google is looking at the feasibility of allowing publishers to name negative advertising keywords and avoid those completely. This will not solve the low paying ads problem of itself but it will be another positive development. If you would like to be kept up to date with developments you can sign up here for your own regular ezine updates.
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