12 January 2007

Monthly Adsense Templates Update (1)

The Monthly Templates program is designed to provide you with brand new professionally designed niche site templates each and every month. FIFTY of them, to be exact! Each template set comes in FIVE formats, including standard HTML, HyperVRE, XSitePro, WordPress and phpBB.And each set comes with fully customizable graphics, meaning that you
are actually presented with options to use these templates in hundreds of niches!

2) To provide a COMPLETE education on how to use the templates, Joel has given you THREE HOURS of very specific, user-friendly training videos! Seriously, anyone could learn how to do this stuff because Joel makes it all very clear and easy for you. The Instant AdSense Templates Starter Kit CD comes with all these videos, as well as tons of other material, including:

- Joel’s Bestselling AdSense ebook which currently retails for $97.00. Don’t believe me? Some people bought it just today at adsense-secrets.com for full price!
- Content creation ebook revealing how to write, find, outsource and develop your own content for your virtual real estate sites.
- Several ebooks on generating traffic and finding additional ways to monetize your sites. And that’s just the beginning!

The starter kit CD is an indispensible part of the Monthly Templates program, and has material valued at several thousand dollars! That alone is worth the minimal $197 price of admission.

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