04 January 2007

Instant Adsense Templates Monthly Package Sneak Preview

So what will you get when you sign up for Joel Comm's Instant Adsense Monthly Templates?

This program will provide you with everything you need to get your sites up and running using the traditional Instant AdSense Templates format, but also provides a new set of professionally designed templates and bonuses each and every month!
Here’s the scoop…

1. The Instant AdSense Templates Starter Kit, a CD with three hours of video and a PDF manual explaining how to implement the templates in multiple formats.

2. The January edition of Monthly Templates, a disc containing 50 professional designed templates with graphics sets and a handful of private label right articles, designed to the latest AdSense specificiations.

3. Then, subscribers will receive 50 new templates each month on a brand new CD shipped direct to their door!

4. Each month’s CD will contain valuable bonuses! Wait until you see the bonus on the January CD… it will blow you away!

Get your name on the launch notifictaion list now!

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