28 February 2007

Niche car site

Gaywheels.com has been set up by a group who realize they are not alone as gay professionals in the automotive world. It was liberating for them to find there were other gay "car guys" in what is a very conservative industry. The site aims to inspire current and future gay automotive professionals to be free to be themselves. A personal section, affectionately titled HEADLIGHTS currently focuses on a Gay Race Car Driver on Gaywheels.com to profile gay professionals in the auto industry. Gaywheels.com is dedicated to promoting responsible consumerism and affecting change by encouraging car shoppers to patronize gay-friendly companies throughout the vehicle purchaseprocess. Users of the site are able to investigate which automakers and otherautomotive companies offer domestic partner benefits to their employees, thus qualifying them as “gay-friendly.” With that information at hand, they can make educated choices during the car-buyingprocess. Gaywheels.com also features new and used car pricing, original new-vehicle reviews by gay automotive writers, advice and recommendations on vehicle purchasing, financing and insurance.
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