08 March 2007

Confidence Style and Class

Busting out with confidence style and class - every woman hopes to feel that way when she buys new clothes. But if you cannot find clothes to fit, shopping for a new outfit can be a depressing experience. Mandy Farrow, founder and designer of Eris Apparel, had these shopping challenges for many years "My body was a petite size six, but my bust line was a 36G," Farrow said. "Anything I bought made me feel chunky, awkward, or just plain odd-shaped. When I found something that would work, it was makeshift. I could never find anything I could just throw on and feel really comfortable in."

With an entrepreneurial spirit, and following a breast-reduction, Farrow was inspired to start a business that would fill this niche in the market - a clothing line that would help bustier-figured women to feel confident, sexy and comfortable. Eris Apparel has designed not only a solution to finding that perfect cocktail dress or that professional-looking jacket, as part of an attractive clothing line that rises to fit any occasion. Why has the fashion industry allowed this gap to persist? "I was surprised to find that there was little or no competition," Farrow said. "I thought I would start the clothing line with these basic items and expand into other areas later."
When your clothes do not fit well, they cannot flatter your shape. If the fit is good, your friends will notice and you will look slimmer. In the Eris range, the extra fit is designed only where it is needed, increasing you chances of finding clothes that fit like a glove. The difference is clear, and the customers say so: "What you have done for my ego has been great. I have the amethyst-classic dress and I must say that I have never looked so good in a dress before. I have gotten numerous comments from friends, family, and co-workers every time I wear it. I have always had trouble finding dresses that would fit me right and look good."

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