06 March 2007

Seattle accident attorney

If you need to make a claim for personal injury you need someone good on your side. There are thousands of firms willing to take on your case, but how do you find the best lawyer to fight for a just settlement in your best interests? Learn from the experience of others: the Seattle lawyers, Paglialunga & Harris, regularly achieve settlements for satisfied clients to compensate them properly for injuries they have suffered.

Often clients turn to these well regarded Seattle attorneys after dissatisfaction with previous representatives. In a recent car accident settlement, Paglialunga & Harris won $450,000 for their client - a sum nine times higher than the 'final' offer made to the client's first attorney.

This firm of personal injury lawyers takes on cases to right wrongs and rebuild lives. Each lawyer in the PH Personal Injury Law Firm concentrates all their energies on personal injury law, building a wealth of experience and landmark case law judgements within the firm to the benefit of all their clients.



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