03 March 2007

Voice Over Guy Made Popular

Professional voice over artist, DC Douglas, has been permanently etched onto the American cultural landscape as the announcer for the current national GEICO campaign. Playing for the past several months, the ads begin with Douglas introducing "real people" alongside celebrities such as Little Richard, Burt Bacharach, Verne Troyer (Mini Me), Peter Graves and Charo. These commercials have become such cult hits that they are being downloaded from YouTube daily. They can also be heard at My Voice Over Guy. As an on-camera actor in Los Angeles, Douglas is familiar with moments of pop-culture identity. Over the years, guest star spots on several hit shows from "Beverly Hills: 90210" to "Charmed" to "24" have brought him the kind of attention that only fervent fans of pop culture can deliver. Though his film and television credits are extensive and span almost twenty years, it's the simple voice over jobs that seem to get the most notice. Work such as voicing The Master character on the "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" video game and his promo work for CBS Daytime Television continue to elicit inquiries years later. "However, nothing compares to the emails and job requests that came in once the GEICO spots started airing," says Douglas."It's incredible, unexpected, and just wonderful. And funny!I mean, I never imagined I'd be doing the voice over for a spot that featured the voice over GOD, Don LaFontaine!" The GEICO spots may be going on hiatus soon, but Douglas is already working on voiuceovers for another advertsising campaign by a national company and he will be seen in four films coming out this year, including "Deadwater," in which he plays Lance Henriksen's nemesis.
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