01 March 2007

Adsense Publishers News - Increased Adsense Commissions

AdSense pays all Adsense publishers for referring new publishers to the Adsense Programme. now any publishers can earn up to $255 for a single AdSense referral with the change made to the referral structure recently. Google has just announced that the referral commission has been increased and it will be paid sooner. First, You will get $5 for referring any new Adsense Publisher who signs up for Adsense and earns just $5 in their first 180 days. Then, if they earn $100 during that time you will be paid $250. So if you are not already signed up for Adsense, this is the time to start. The buttons on this page will help you Sign up for Adsense today and start earning from AdSense.
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At 12:09 pm, Blogger Ashutosh Kumar said...

Can i view my own page on blogger without breaking any rules of adsense ?That means by logging into my own account at blogger and clicking on view your blog tab .

At 1:57 pm, Blogger Adsense Tips said...

That is a very good question, I have left you an answer on your own blog and I posted a fuller answer on how you can use Adsense Page Previews. When you view your own pages (which you need to do for many reasons), you MUST take care to avoid clicking your Adsense Ads!!


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