06 March 2007

Make Your Ideas Count

Bouje Publishing is inviting the online community to have fun and use their creativity in helping shape book two of the Future Business Leaders' Series™. The stories in the series help prepare kids for tomorrow's world by teaching them how to think creatively, turn what they love to do into business ideas, explore products and services around them, set goals, overcome obstacles and realize their dreams.

The first book,Tyler and His Solve-a-matic Machine, is about an orphaned boy named Tyler who invents a machine to help him do his homework and creates a business to manufacture this machine. He must endure many tests set out for him by the Great Spirit of the Entrepreneurs, Soté, before he can officially become a successful business owner and realize his dream of sailing around the world. Tyler's story captivates its audience through an exciting setting and colorful characters. It is set in the mystical city of Nessibus, a metropolis, whose streets radiate with the energy of commerce. This story appeals to children because it arouses their senses as the main characters perform adventurous tasks and solve challenging, play-on-word riddles. It appeals to parents because it celebrates entrepreneurialism, capitalism, and free-trade. Now the publishers are inviting the online community to enter their ideas that will help shape book two: Make Your Ideas Count. If your idea is chosen, then they might be a possible mention of the content author in the second book.

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