21 March 2007


Coupons sites are big news, and if you do not check them out before you shop, you could be wasting a fortune. The biggest online coupon provider, mycoupons.com, has just relaunched its site which is good news for shoppers. The site is brightly designed and fast to load, and you can instantly see which are the most popular deals among your fellow shoppers. They have more than ten times as many coupons as their rivals, offering 12000 different coupons for your online savings. This is a site that involves its members so when you join (for free) you will be part of a community of people with the same aim in mind. "Everyone loves finding a great deal, and when you have a whole community of people searching for and posting coupons to help each other, it creates the start of some great friendships. Many of our members start out talking about coupons and deals, and end up swapping personal stories, advice and support," said Brad Ryba, Director of MyCoupons.
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