18 March 2007

PC Dial Up

It is easy to forget that broadband is not available everywhere. Living in a big city, it has been available to me for at least three years. Over the past two years the migration from Internet dialup to broadband has been huge, and has led to overcapacity in the dialup market. If you are not in a broadband area, at least this cloud does have a silver lining for you: PCDialup.com
has launched some great priced deals, taking advantage of this glut in the telecoms market.
This new new low priced dialup Internet access service is a boon for 40% of US Internet users who are still using dialup today, the new low prices are good news for them. There is no reason why anybody should be paying ten to twenty dollars for dialup service any more. The huge switch to broadband has left this surplus in modem capacity, and PCDialup.com is using this excess capacity to offer very low pricing. The basic 56k dialup service is just $3.95 per month, and for just $1 extra per month you can get accelerated web browsing, which can really help make the web snappy.You may not have broadband yet, but the next best thing just gpot cheaper.
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