12 March 2007

Hookah supplies

What is a hookah? If you are not familiar with the term, you are about to learn of an ancient water pipe device used for smoking flavoured tobacco. The hookah operates by water-filtration and indirect heat and its design lends itself to a social event: hookahs are found at the centre of any party among afficionados of this romantic instrument. Hookah is an Arabic term, but the pipe itself probably started out in India. The hookah is often called by a number of different names, such as hooka, sheesha, huka or hubbly bubbly. Hookah tobacco is available in many fruit flavours including apple, strawberry and watermelon. The hookah tobacco can be smoked as a single flavour or you can mix the different fragrances together for your own hookah cocktail.

Hookah smoking is now a popular pursuit across the United States and there are literally hundreds of hookah bars and lounges across the country where you can enjoy good company and great tobacco. You can also visit customhookahs.com, the one stop shop for all your hookah pipe, shisha tobacco, and shisha smoking accessories. This is the leading place for all your hookah purchases with guaranteed best prices, highest quality products and outstanding customer service. The Hookah has a deep, rich history - shisha smoking is a true cultural experience with an etiquette of its own that is fun to learn and share.

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