10 March 2007

Hotels in Phoenix

One of the most comprehensive online sources of information about Arizona is the comprehensive web site of Azcentral.com. This portal already has a top reputation for keeping you informed about most things related to Arizona, and when I look at weather forecasts of 84° for Phoenix, and 80° in Tucson I am not surprised at the interest that is generated in Azcentral.com. This very useful site is now investing time and effort to bring its information on Arizona Hotels to the public attention in the same way. In a partnership with Alliance Reservation Systems of Phoenix, the site’s hotel booking interface has been improved to provide visitors with a true 'one stop shop' experience. “Our travel site is one of the most comprehensive sources of information about Arizona, and we want our hotel booking engine to be as robust as the content,” said Mike Coleman, vice president of digital media at Phoenix Newspapers, Inc., the parent company of azcentral.com.



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