12 March 2007

Polarized lenses

Spring is in the air, finally, and we have had three days of glorious sunshine. I was reading the lowdown on Polarized Sunglasses and I was taken aback at the protection these lenses afford, as well as the damage they can prevent. Polarization is not just a coating placed on the outside of the lens - it is a thin layer of iodine crystals arranged in vertical rows and sandwiched into the middle of a lens. Where did I learn all this? I visited the site operated by ADS Sports Eyewear. This is an impressive site since it is owned and operated by opticians. They specialize in glasses and eyewear that is designed specifically for sports, and they only offer products that have fulfilled their rigorous requirements for safety and design.

The ADS sunglasses site has a wealth of information on lens materials and materials, so you can decide whether polarised sunglasses are your best bet. To save you time when you shop, the company has recently updated the web site to help shoppers looking for polarized sunglasses. A new “Polarized Sunglasses Only” link from the home page displays every pair of polarized glasses on the site, and allows you to sort glasses by price, or limit the search to a specific manufacturer.

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