13 March 2007

Confidence Boost

If an aspect of your appearance upsets you so much that it affects your self confidence and detracts from your enjoyment of life, then it is worth thinking about surgery. Your expectations of the improvement in your appearance needs to be realistic, otherwise you will be disappointed. The surgeons at Rodeo Drive are aware of this and all potential patients will be told that breast augmentation will not necessarily change your looks to match your ideal, or cause other people to treat you differently. The reality is that the right type of surgery can improve your appearance and boost your self confidence, and the plastic surgeon at this center will help you achieve this. Lloyd M. Krieger, MD is an expert in all types of breast augmentation and uses saline and also silicone implants, which were recently approved by the FDA. The type of implant and procedure is always designed according to your individual needs. The centre is ideally positioned at the heart of Rodeo Drive, overlooking the bustling theatre of this fashion hub. The reputation of this Beverley Hills Breast Augmentation is unrivalled, and evidence of this is clear when you consider that a large number of patients come to the centre for revision surgery after undergoing breast implants elsewhere.
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