16 March 2007

Mega new search engine

New search engines have to offer something different to make their mark. Some give you PPC credits for joining, other search sites allow you to promote your own website or blog, and some others allow you to take a top keyword just as a privilege for signing up - subject to availability, of course.

Megaglobe looks pretty cool, using top quality graphics with a sort of google theme - plus this powerful new search engine uses a new patent-pending technology to protect its advertisers from the perils of fraudulent clicks. This site currently offers you the chance to add a web site for free.

You cannot tell at this stage whether a new search engine will become the next major player, but you have nothing to lose by visiting megaglobe and adding your own site URLs in any case. If you turned down this opportunity and the site took off, you would feel pretty silly - wouldn't you? Megaglobe is also a member of the prestigious Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which includes Google, Yahoo! and MSN in its roster - a site to be taken seriously, I think



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