24 April 2007

Free phones

For cell phones online, Wirefly seems to have one of the most comprehensive online cell phone websites. If you live in the United States and you need to find a reliable one stop shop to look for a new cell phone and possibly a service plan at the same time, then Wirefly could save you a lot of time and money on your purchase. The first thing you will notice when you visit the site is that Wirefly have lots of stock - and I mean loads! They have every make and model you can think of and offer services for all the major networks.

You will not only find complete cell phone collections for sale but also mobile phone accessories, ringtones and call plans to suit all types of circumstances. They recently launched an integrated search function on the website, making it super easy to find deals on the specific phone you want. At the moment you can get a BlackBerry Pearl free of charge with a rebate plan, and you could even qualify for some cashback on top.

Go over to the website and you will be surprised to find how many cell phones Wirefly are actually giving out for free as part of a prepay plan rebate scheme. Some packages come with more than just free phones; you can take advantage of free shipping, cash rebates, free headsets and more. If you go direct to each carrier you will find you are asked to pay serious money for a phone that is offered free at Wirefly with the same call plan. Some people are a bit reluctant to buy phones online but if you do a search on Wirefly you can confirm they are reputable and established. In fact last year, Wirefly was rated as the website offering the best overall customer experience by Keynote Systems. Go over there and start talking.



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