09 May 2007

Image Advice

I was listening to an interview with a singer who is exactly the same age as me - and also English - who is not someone I would categorise as particularly narcissistic. I was shocked when she reeled off the list of California plastic surgery ops she has had in the past couple of years. But don't make the mistake that she did it for vanity. Using plastic surgery as a way of improving physical traits is really the same idea as getting your teeth straightened. But plastic surgery is really a bit more radical than orthodontic treatment. She had thought long and hard before having surgery and decided that her reviews were suffering because the critics were considering her appearance more than her songs. This is one of the reasons that plastic surgery california is so popular: many of us find out careers suffer if we do not look the part. Fortunately the California plastic surgeon Lloyd Krieger talks to all patients in advance to examine their reasons for wanting plastic surgery. It is not a step to be taken lightly, and your expectations of the outcome must be realistic.



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