02 May 2007

Search Engine Marketing

As an online publisher I know that I need to stay fully informed of everything that could affect my page ranking and SERPs results. But I also have to earn my living day-to-day as well. I have to be very selective in choosing the most authoritative sites and one of the best ones is Apogee Search Marketing. They are one of the largest and best established Search Engine Marketing firms, using only proven online marketing methods. On their site and blogs you can find out the safe ways to use paid search or organic search to boost your targeted website traffic. In the early days I didn't know all this and I fell foul of using some less desirable link exchange offers that didn't benefit me at all. Apogee features articles like this - 'Avoid Search Engine Marketing Malpractice'. This is the kind of information all internet newbies need to read. The Apogee blog gives you a regular overview of all the latest big news in search engine marketing from other top sites, so you do not need to spend hours trying to stay informed. For example, Apogee attends the major search engine marketing conferences and reports on the key discussions, so if you cannot be there you can still find out what happened, even if you can't go to the parties. - Sponsored post -



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