28 April 2007

Adsense Optimum Keyword Density

Google does not reveal the specifics on the methods behind its Adsense algorithms, but most publishers are sure that keyword density plays a significant role. Adsense does rely on the content to determine which ads to show, and they want their ads to be shown. It would also appear that the position of certain text has a differing influence over the ads provided by Google. Find out more about the desirable keyword density for your Adsense pages
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At 12:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Added a new value add to my blog this weekend - a news widget from www.widgetmate.com. I always wanted to show latest news for my keywords in my sidebar. It was very easy with this widget. Just a small copy paste and it was done. Great indeed.

At 10:18 am, Blogger Adsense Tips said...

Thanks Alex, I have installed the widget on my Home Business Advice Blog, it seems to work well.


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