25 April 2007


Travel is good for the soul but many of us do not give enough thought or planning to making the best use of holidays and the money we have available for them. By travelling to far flung destinations we see the world differently. If you are not mega rich you should have a look at leisuretime promotions. This is where the knowledgeable would be traveller gets more for their money, with the chance to go to exclusive holiday destinations every year.

Membership of leisuretime promotions really opens the world up to ordinary holidaymakers. They have been around for nearly fifteen years, offering members luxury accommodation at bargian prices and top class service. If you consider yourself a travel addict, this is definitely the place for you. Leisuretime Promotions will offer as many luxury trips as you can take. VIP membership gives extra advantages in the form of excursions, discounts on flights, hotel rooms and car hire: all these offers are exclusive to club members. Find out how leisuretime promotions can improve your holiday future.



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