25 April 2007

Forms for Webmasters

Webmasters running a sole proprietor home business often have very little technical experience. For you, a simple HTML or PHP task on your Adsense website can take ages to complete, and that's assuming the site doesn't crash along the way. Just a simple opt-in list signup form is fraught with difficulties for anyone who is not primarily a web designer. For anyone in this situation, a new free service called Forms4Free.com is a welcome arrival. Webmasters can design a free HTML form, so if you are a webmaster and don't know how to create an Online form you can design a form quickly and easily for free. The most recent innovation is the formmail file download that is priced at $19.95. The formmail file is a processing file: you upload it to the website, and it will process your HTML forms and emails, providing all the answers in easy to read from.



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