03 May 2007

Kontera Publishing

There are several ways to get contextual advertising on your website or blog and make a lucrative passive income from them. For example, Kontera ContentLinks is an advertising system that embeds ads into text on your web page. The Kontera ads are contained in the double underlined links you see on many blogs and web pages. Hovering over a link with your mouse will show the ad details. When a reader clicks the ad and visits the advertiser, you make money.

These are not obviously advertisements, they appear to be underlined phrases - and therefore they catch the reader's eye. However, every time a reader clicks through you, the publisher, earn money! If you already use the other major publisher's contextual ads on your site, there is no conflict between the two so you are simply increasing your number of income streams. And because the links are contextual the ads that your reader sees are closely related to the words on your web page so they are going to see ads that interest them. This means they click and hey presto, you get some passive income. So the more web copy you write, the higher your income potential with these contextual advertisments.



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