28 October 2007

Win or ..

Who would have thought that one of the biggest earning niches on the internet would be centred on thousands of sites that allow you to take part in games of skill and chance online, pitting your wits against other players from anywhere in the world and creating a whole new online persona for yourself with your choice of Avatar on the more imaginative sites. When you sign up for membership of a casino online you will usually be offered a signup bonus, where the house matches your initial deposit. So when you invest £100 this is immediately doubled to $200. You can look upon this as cash to help you learn how the game works or as a way of increasing your chances of winning more. It is no surprise that this kind of pastime can become addictive: our own dear 'Archers' radio series highlighted some of the dangers last year in its usual shock fashion, depicting a character who was in debt to a friend after losing at a live game and then tried to win the money back by playing online.


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Over the border

The Scottish city of Edinburgh has more historic buildings than any single individual could visit in one trip, maybe that is why so many people love the place so much they do not want to leave. Accommodation in Edinburgh can be hard to find as the place attracts visitors from all over the world and it is a favoured weekend haunt for many Brits as well. Last week Edinburgh was also voted in first place in a survey to decide on the best place to live in the UK. It came out top for quality of life, culture and green credentials.

When the city is extra busy due to a big event like the Edinburgh Festival in August, it can be hard to track down Cheap Hotels in Edinburgh but if you check them out online, well in advance, it may still be possible to find a good hotel that will fit your budget.

Hotels in Edinburgh range from the five star luxury hostelries right through to budget stopovers that appeal to the thousands of students and backpackers who visit the town every year in all seasons. The next big event is the Hogmanay street party, so start looking now if you would like to be there.


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24 October 2007

Bedding in

Stay close to your favourite squeeze with a completely personalised set of bedding including pillow, duvet cover and blanket, all of which can be printed with your top choice of togetherness picture. Maybe it was the time you strolled on the beach together, or perhaps you have a much loved shot of the happy couple dancing by moonlight. Whatever your choice, the people at visionbedding.com can help you find the perfect personalised bedding gift. Think how this is going to make your life so much easier when you need to buy Anniversary Gifts - just put your picture on the item and away you go - they will go to sleep looking at you, and wake up to your photo image!


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14 October 2007

The Secret of Working Multiple Steams of Income Without Knowing How to Swim or Losing Your Mind
Copyright © 2007 Robin Rushlo

Back many years ago-when being in MLM meant you were either in Amway or Shaklee-there was only one way to work a program. You made your prospect list in the small spiral notebook that you carried everywhere- because you never knew when you'd remember the name of someone who wasn't on your list yet! You wrote down everyone on your Christmas card list, anyone you did business with, all the names in your high school year book-yes, everyone you had ever known-including your mother-in-law (no-prejudging now!) and even those you thought you knew. Then you sat down (since no cells phones were around) and started the hard part of this NEW business. You called each name on your list to tell them you had something important that you needed their opinion on and was Tuesday or Thursday better for them? We NEVER gave any information over the phone! To understand this new marketing concept a person had to "see the plan"! Get those people and bring them to the meeting! Tell them that you'd be in their neighborhood anyway (OK, so they lived 30 miles from you) so you'd be happy to pick them up!

Then a man in a navy blue suit with a red tie (the woman in her pastel shirtwaist dress would be sitting on the side of the stage with a beauty pageant smile... and never take their eyes off of HIM! ). He would stand up and draw circles on a white board to show us how we too could be free and living on the beaches of the world! We'd all take notes and make encouraging, enthusiastic comments to our prospect... who was lost in that maze of circles we knew and loved so well.Does anyone else remember those days? I do And I did that for over 30 years of my 37 years in this industry. Be very thankful that you do because we all learned a lot from the MLM giants. I bet you've still got your old Amway tapes too!!! Can you even imagine trying to do Amway on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Shaklee on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday??? Of course not! It would be impossible!

Today is the age of technology. Today we contact each other all over the world-in seconds by fax, by phone, by computer , by webcasts, webnairs, and even IM. We meet and greet our prospects by letter and postcard, by ads in magazines and newspapers and on the INTERNET. It used to be how we'd try to convince our mothers-in-law that they just needed to "get in" and draw circles and they would get rich! They took one l-o-n-g look at us and somehow were not convinced. Then if your mother-in-law would the apply to the Federal Witness protection program so you can not find her when you find the Next pot of gold.Today we are EXPERTS, because no matter how little we know when we get on the phone with someone who has requested our information, we know more than they do. You are the expert even if you are in the program for one day you know more about the program than they do. No more three way calls."We all work as a team on this one, friend! I had great results with Product X-and I'd be happy to share this information with all your people, too!" So what about multiple programs??? Back in the days, we bought soap and vitamins. Now we get our office, our food, our telephone service, our health products, even our vacations can be purchased MLM. As a distributor (today often known as IC-Independent Consultant or MA-Marketing Associate) you can purchase products at a lower cost even if you never intend to market the program!

Some programs just go hand in hand. For example, almost anyone who is in MLM now wants to purchase leads that is names, addresses and phone numbers of people actually looking for a business opportunity. This is a service and a product-that you should have available for your downline. Instead of sending your people to me for leads -- doesn't it make sense that they come to you?Will a lead program jeopardize what you are doing with your primary company? Of course not, it can only enhance it! Sometimes people may actually make money faster in the lead program than in your primary one. So what happens? They stay with you in both, of course, because obviously you know about these great programs and they certainly want to stay with the person who helps them to get a check!Having more than one program can also make your prospecting so much easier. Suppose you and Elena have gotten to know each other. You are both in different nutrition companies you love. She says "I wish there was a way we could work together! It would be so much fun and we'd make a great team!" In the past it would be wishful thinking. Today, you can say , "Well, I understand why you are so excited about Company X. I feel that way about my company, too. I do have something you might be interested in though. Do you drink coffee? (...need good MLM leads?... a computer program to keep track of your downline? ...like the idea of earning free Long Distance Service? ...ever wish you could eat wonderful gourmet food and make money too?)

In the early days, we had product pick up from our sponsor's home... then our people would come the next day and pick up from us. There were deliveries to make and downline bonus checks to write. Today is soooo much easier. You introduce Elena to your coffee company for instance. She buys directly from them the only thing you handle is your downline report... and your check! Do you see how easily this can be done? Many of the heavy hitters in MLM suggest you work one program and work it hard! They knew more than I did -- they were heavy hitters, right? I built a large group in nine countries, working from my bedroom office with my babies playing on the floor. The company went through a major upheaval and all my work was lost! All that time and money invested! Gone! So this time I searched for several companies that could be worked together, complimenting each other. I talked to some of my contacts from the old company and things started moving again. In less than 2 months working several programs we were back on track and moving forward again!

Sometimes I hear about how it can't be done or how I'll never make millions this way. That's OK. I don't need to make millions. Billions are easier, But as I tell the naysayers, with the companies and uplines I have chosen I have found financial freedom and more importantly than that" I intend to take a heck of a lot of people with me!

===================================================== If you'd like to learn more about a brand new prospecting system that builds YOUR primary business and generates multiple income streams, go here: http://www.pathtopresident.com/r/blindguy55 Remember you can also learn more of the 35 years in Network Marketing from Dr Robin Rushlo at http://www.cashwithbooks.com =====================================================


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11 October 2007

Employers' essentials

Payroll Essentials for New Employers

When should an Employer Register for PAYE

An employee is anyone who works on a full time, part time or casual basis for the business and includes company directors. Employers should register as soon as possible when a qualifying employee is appointed and may register up to four weeks prior to the first employees pay day. You should register as an employer and operate a PAYE system if your employee already has other employment, or if the employee's earnings are equal to or above the PAYE threshold. The PAYE threshold for 2007-08 is earnings of £100 per week or £435 per month at which point income tax and national insurance deductions may be required. These limits include the value of any benefits in kind that may be paid.

Employer Registration Information Required
Generally the information to be provided includes the business name, trading address, type of business, name and address of the employer, national insurance number and tax office reference of the employer, contact telephone number and email address if applying by email., In addition details will be required of the likely number of employees, frequency of payment, the date the first employee was appointed and the first payment date. Also have available the address where the payroll records will be kept and the contact details of the person responsible for the payroll. Where partners are involved details of each partner's names, addresses, national insurance numbers and tax office references will be required and the LLP number for Limited Liability Partnerships. Limited Companies will be required to supply the address of the company's registered office, date of incorporation and company registration number plus details of the directors; names, addresses, contact telephone numbers, national insurance numbers, tax office references

How to register as a PAYE Employer
Employers can register for PAYE online at the HMCE website. Click Employers - Register as an Employer - First steps as an Employer - scroll down the page until you can click email which then presents you with online registration form to complete and send. Alternatively contact HMCE Employer Helpline at 0845 6070 143.

PAYE and Payroll Records

Accurate payroll records are essential, full stop. Employers must keep payroll records for both HMCE purposes and employees. The employee records must include the name and address of the employee, national insurance number, date of birth, income tax code, all payments and benefits made and all deductions for income tax, national insurance and voluntary deductions. When registering to operate a PAYE system immediate arrangements should be made to ensure these records are maintained either by setting up the records yourself using the help and advice contained in the Revenue CD-ROM provided to all new and existing employers or employing a payroll service to produce the records or using a payroll software package. Various payroll software packages are available with different degrees of complexity. The DIY Accounting Payroll Software is an ideal solution for small employers being written on excel spreadsheets and in addition to producing the deduction calculations and payslips the payroll software also automatically completes an excel copy of the compulsory HMCE forms significantly easing the administrative burden.

Paying Employees
Employees must be paid the national minimum wage which for adults was raised on the 1st October 2007 to £5.52 per hour. Every employee must receive a payslip that shows the amount of income tax and national insurance deducted from the gross pay. In addition every employer must also calculate the employer's national insurance contribution. If you are an employer and not operating a payroll software system such as the DIY Accounting Payroll Software then you must design a payslip to give to your employees to satisfy legal requirements.

HMCE Payroll Forms

P11 Employees Deductions Working Sheet

The working paper is a record of the weekly or monthly pay for each employee and the income tax and national insurance deductions.

P14 End of Year Employees Deductions Summary

Summary of the employee income tax and national insurance deductions recorded on the P11 deductions working sheet

P35 Annual Employers Return

Summary detailed by employee of the annual totals of income tax and employee's national insurance deductions and employers national insurance liability

P45 Details of Employee Leaving
Only available from the Employer's helpline the P45 is a certificate of the amount paid to the employee and the income tax deducted during that employment. Every employee that leaves the employers employment should be issued with a P45.

P60 End of Year Employees Certificate
The P60 is a certificate of an employees total earnings and total income tax deducted during the tax year including previous those of previous employers and also the amount of national insurance deducted by the current employer and should be issued to every employee the employer has at the 5th April each year.

Each of these HMCE PAYE forms are automatically completed by the DIY Accounting payroll software which produces excel copies of the HMCE forms making the package highly suitable for both inexperienced employers and those wishing to minimise the administrative burden payroll can place on an employer.

PAYE Payments and Online Bonuses

Deductions of income tax, employees national insurance and employers national insurance must be paid to HMCE each month, the standard final payment date being the 19th of the month following the payroll month. If monthly payments of income tax and national insurance deductions including employer's national insurance are under £1,500 per month then employers have the option to pay the amount due to the HMCE on a quarterly rather than a monthly basis. Payments of income tax and national insurance to the HMCE can be made online electronically. At the end of each financial year, 5th April, every employer must submit the P35 Annual Employers Return .to HMCE detailing the amounts paid to each employee and the deductions made for income tax, employees national insurance and employers national insurance with the amount that has already been paid to HMCE in respect of the income tax and national insurance contributions. Employers with less than 50 employees are eligible for a tax free online bonus when the P35 Employers Annual Return is submitted online which has been a tax free £250 and £150 in recent years.

Terry Cartwright is a qualified accountant in the UK designing accounting and payroll solutions for small to medium sized business of Accounting Software and Payroll Software specifically for self employed and limited companies in the UK that produce a fully automated final set of accounts on excel spreadsheets.

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06 October 2007


If you have a short term cash flow problem, did you know that you can get a cash advance, known often as a payday loan, to tide you over? There are hundreds of companies offering these types of loans: by their nature they do not involve any credit checks as you need the money in your bank fast! This is a useful source of funds in an emergency and you can find an arrangement to suit your personal circumstances. This is a far better alternative than selling or pawning your property, and the interest is probably lower than you thought. So as there are so many lenders offering payday loans, how can tyou find the best one for you? Check out a good comparison site that explains exactly what is involved, what to look for and lists the best lenders for you to browse through.


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05 October 2007


Your small online business needs all the add-ons that the big guys have, but you do not have hordes of technical staff to make them work. Getting a shopping cart is a case in point. You need to look around to find affordable eCommerce packages that give you all the necessary features and security, to give a professional image to professional customers.

The last thing that you need is to face a load of complicated programming to get your shopping cart up and running, so look for a fully installed shopping cart that is ready for you to add your items and prices - they are around, and you do not have to settle for less. Also make sure your shopping site will be SSL encrypted for security of your customers' data, and that it conforms with the requirements of all the major credit card processors and Paypal.


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Writing Your Way to Freedom

Writing soothes my soul and allows me to escape into my own created world where there are no boundaries. It calms me and takes me into an unknown world well worth the adventure. Much of my writing is the window to the heart, soul and mind of Lisa. While writing had been a hobby for many years, I opened that window for all the world to see when I did my first self-published booklet in 1997.

Poetry, on the other hand, was a hidden passion, peeking in on a deeper more intimate side of me. When I'm writing poetry there are no rules to follow, something I struggled with as a child. As a young girl, I was placed in a special remedial class for students who needed additional help with their reading skills. Little did I know how monumentally limiting that moment would be for me. With that experience, I decided my writing wasn't good enough for anyone to see.

Eventually, I found that there were rules about writing, ways you should write even rules about life that I must follow to be good. I created my own hidden world of rules for writing, my own rules of life, and kept them in a safe place hidden from everyone. Publicly, I focused my energies on mathematics and earned a B.S.in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Although silent, the writer in me remained.

Funny, that I was teaching women to live passionately and to have powerful, fulfilled lives, yet my poetry was a hidden passion. I realized keeping it a secret was compromising my integrity. It was time to unleash, unlock and empower the extraordinary woman within.

My husband encouraged me to read my poetry aloud as often as possible given my love and passion for it. At an open mic night while visiting California, the positive response finally convinced me to believe my friends, my husband, and most importantly, to believe in myself. I decided to let go of the past about not being a good writer and to let it rip. I assembled an electronic book, A Collection on Love, Loss and Life and five accompanying poetic prints.

I believe there is a writer in all of us. The process of opening up your creativity is not a simple formula; each woman has her own process but the following steps worked for me:

1) Find the space for your creativity to emerge. You must be still to hear from your inner self, your spirit. Webster defines "be" as "to exist or live." Being requires very little effort, very little thought, because you ARE simply by virtue of being alive.

Further, Webster defines "still" as "noiseless; silent, stationary and tranquil; calm." In being still, you want to calm and center yourself, focusing on being present to the moment. One way to do this is to find a place of solitude, a tranquil place when you can actively listen for what's needed and wanted.

2) Open your heart to your passions. In the still moments you want to listen to your spirit and begin to give language to your inner voice.

Ask yourself:

* What is it that I most love?

* What is life like when I lose track of time?

* What am I engaged in?

* What is the experience?

* What are my most intimate thoughts?

* When am I most alive?

3) Think of how you feel. Notice what emotions are bubbling up within you. Our emotions are the flags of our passions waving us down the path to our truest selves.

4) As your thoughts unfold, capture your experience on paper. Give it life by writing it as vividly and specifically as you can. Thank the Editor for sharing and send her away! Just be still and write until you are empty, describing every feeling, every thought and every emotion. I'll leave you with an excerpt from my poem.

If My Passion Could Feel

If my passion could feel, it would spread its wings open, fly and soar Wide open.

Oh, freely gliding.

Free. Free. Free to be, to create, concentrate, relate from a clean slate.

And make visions of one's own calling.

Embrace and face the world with a full succulent force and rejoice.

It would swoop up those who long and choose to be with me....finding peace and serenity within.

Ahhhh, yes, if my passion could feel....

Free, oooohhhh free, Wild-like free, free, freeeeeeeee...

As founder and president of The Power, Passion & Purpose Group, Lisa Thomas brings over twenty years experience in business, relationship and individual life coaching. Join the P3groups mailing list to receive our online magazine - The P3 Power Boost Magazine for Women at http://www.TheP3Group.com
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