14 January 2007

Monthly Adsense Templates Update (2)

The most overlooked item available to you with Instant Adsense Monthly templates is going to be among the lost useful parts for the benefit of YOUR business.

The Word Page Builder - this is the Fast Action Bonus when you buy. I don’t know why Joel put this at the bottom of the page, and I think it was overlooked by most visitors - that’s a mistake. You have GOT to check this out. Load the page now and scroll down until you see the Fast Action Bonus area. This software is NOT available to the general public, and will become available in February … for at LEAST $97 (though it may be as high
as $197!)

Why is this software so valuable? You can instantly convert any MS Word document into a website fully optimized with Google Adsense! So if you have Word documents sitting around on your PC, or ebooks or private label rights articles - ANY Word document can be quickly and easily turned into web pages and uploaded to your server!

Joel has created a simple video to show you exactly how easy it is to use the WordPageBuilder software. Simply scroll to the end of the info on the product and click the link that says “Click here to play video in a new window”. It’s just two minutes and it will be a real eye opener for you! But for those who missed out, please take another look because I really think you will benefit from doing so.

Although Joel is providing you with thousands of dollars worth of ebooks, training materials, software and professionally designed templates, you can pick up the Instant AdSense Templates Starter Kit, CD and all the other materials for just $197! Delivered direct to your door as quickly as possible so you may begin getting to work on your sites asap.

Then, the “monthly” part of Monthly Templates will start in 30 days when Joel will be sending you a NEW CD, packed with 50 brand new professionally designed templates in all formats with graphics, private label rights articles and a new special exclusive bonus!

Remember, $197 gets you everything you need to get started. The monthly portion is icing on the cake to help you with the continued growth of your virtual real estate empire. You may cancel your membership at any time!

There’s a reason that people look to Joel to bring them the most reliable information and resources on Google AdSense. It’s because he has been there, done that, and now he wants to help you do likewise.
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